(Isa 58:11): Life is similar to a journey through the wilderness. There is no certain pathway to begin with and when one is clearly visible it is not long before it is filled over with sand so you still cannot find your way. 
So often in life we see youth who think they can make it on their own and strike out like the Prodigal Son only to find out very soon that they lose their way because what is clear today is obscure tomorrow. Other perils of the wilderness must be taken into consideration also; there is no water or food resources; robbers can easily take advantage of you because there is no city where plenty of people are there to help. 
That is why they say, “You don’t have to know the way if you know the guide.” And if your guide is Jesus Christ and you are following His word then you can be assured of success (Jos 1:8). Be sure you entrust your life into the hands of a trustworthy guide. It must be someone who not only knows the way but all the necessary items required for the journey. He must be experienced and capable of all emergencies. That is why we could find no greater guide than Jesus Christ. 
Pastor Roy Johnson 
New Life United Pentecostal Church 

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