How much do you bless others

Are you rich? Probably not, but what if I walked into your closet and began to look through your clothes.  How many clothes could I find that you have not worn in the past year?  How many pairs of shoes? How many extra coats and jackets?  What if I peek in our refrigerators and pantries? Odds are we will see an abundance of food, more than five loaves and two fish.  Jesus took five loaves and two fish and blessed those around Him without food. What seemed foolish (giving away a small amount of food) blessed all those around Jesus. At one time a foreigner came to Jesus and asked for help. The disciples wanted to send her away, she was not the right kind of person. The woman begged Jesus saying even dogs get crumbs. The disciples probably believed her, that all she was worth was crumbs. But Jesus told her she had great faith and healed her daughter. Jesus blessed all those around Him. He taught the disciples that they were blessed to be with the Messiah, Jesus, but they were not to keep it to themselves. They were blessed and out of their blessings they were called to bless others. Today we may not be rich, but regardless of our wealth we are called to bless others.


Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality Romans 12:13



Pastor Doug


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