Borderline Pitbull Rescue “Monday Mug” Baby Girl

Wyatt Tracy pictured with Baby Girl courtesy photo

Borderline Pit Bull Rescue and the Dirt Road Review’s Monday Mug Shots  have shown big hearts can come in small packages.  Meet Baby Girl. “She’s about 28 months old,” said Borderline Pit Bull Rescue Director Mark Hedges. “She was brought into AWOL with Daisy May. We really don’t know a lot about her history other than her looks got her kicked out of Independence for looking like a pit. She is more boxer than pit but Independence judges by looks instead of DNA.”


Like many of the pups that have been saved by the rescue, Baby Girl had some health problems which had to be addressed. “Someone cropped her ears but never fixed her tail. She had an severe eye infection and could have lost it if we didn’t get her some meds ASAP,” said Hedges. “We had her fully vetted and she had a few complications with surgery due to not being treated well. She is now a healthy happy girl who is looking for a place to call her own.”


Baby Girl is a big, vivacious bundle of energy.  “She is a very sweet girl and loves everyone and does awesome with other dogs. She is an escape artist and can jump a 6 foot fence with no problem if left alone,” Hedges said. “She is house broke and wants to be your new cuddle buddy. So if you’re looking for a sweet mellow girl she is the perfect fit.”


Borderline Pit Bull Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of this often misunderstood breed.  They can be contacted on their Face Book page.

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