Dirt Road Review Makes Correction



This just in…James Hyatt was NOT arrested for theft.  We hope this clears up any confusion.

On Friday, March 23, the Dirt Road Review ran the latest arrest reports from the Coffeyville Police Department.  Among the names of those arrested or cited was one James Hyatt, aged 44 of Coffeyville.  In a moment of admittedly sloppy transcribing, it was erroneously recorded that Hyatt was arrested for theft.

Hyatt contacted the Dirt Road Review the next day to report the error among other unpleasantries.  Your Dirt Road Review Editor-in-Chief acknowledged the error, made the correction and issued an apology.

But Hyatt was outraged and wanted more amends.  He said since the erroneous publication his life was uprooted from the embarrassment of having his family and friends question him about the inaccurate post.  One can only imagine the way his reputation was smeared in the community.  The last thing one would wish is to be falsely reported for committing a crime.  He even threatened a lawsuit.  Concerned about the depth of the error, your Dirt Road Review Editor-in-Chief reviewed the CPD arrest reports and verified the complaint.

James Hyatt was not arrested for theft.

He was arrested for Interference with a Law Enforcement Officer, Disorderly Conduct and Pedestrian Under the Influence.

According to the official release issued by the CPD on March 3, James Hyatt, aged 44 of Coffeyville was arrested at 915 Colorado St on Wednesday, February 28 at just after 6 p.m. for the above listed charges. 

But not for theft.  We want to be clear.

It turns out that James Hyatt’s idea of a remedy was to demand the Dirt Road Review removed his entry altogether under the guise of a possible lawsuit.

Sorry, James.  We admit we got the original entry wrong, but that’s the extend of the housekeeping we are willing to do.  Cleaning up your public record is up to you.

Per KSA Article 59 section 21-5904, charges of interference with a law enforcement officer includes acts which knowingly obstruct, resist or oppose an officer in the course of his duty.  Such actions may include falsely reporting while knowing such information is false and intending to influence, impede or obstruct such officer’s duty, concealing, destroying or materially altering evidence, or other activities with the intent to prevent or hinder the apprehension or prosecution of any person.

According to section 21-6203, one is charged with disorderly conduct if committing an act that the person knows or should know will alarm, anger or disturb others or provoke an assault or other breach of the peace.  Such activities can include but are not limited to brawling or fighting, disturbing an assembly, meeting or procession, not unlawful in its character; or using fighting words that by their very utterance inflict injury or tend to incite the listener to an immediate breach of the peace

KSA section 8-1543 defines Pedestrian under the influence (PUI) as a misdemeanor. Those charged are  pedestrians those who are under the influence of alcohol or any drug to a degree which renders such pedestrian a hazard and by the level of their intoxication shall not walk or be upon a highway except on a sidewalk.

And for the record, Hyatt was not arrested for theft.

So arrests were reported, apologies were issued and corrections were made.  You will have to stay tuned to see if the lawsuit materializes.  We will be sure to cover it.

As for Hyatt’s complaints, you can read more about them on our Face Book page.  He placed two negative reviews on our page.  Dirt Road Reporters still wonder which of his individual accounts were planning to answer for the charges originally prompting his inclusion on the arrest report to begin with.

Just remember, they didn’t include theft.

Note: Even though charges have been filed against an individual or individuals, we want to state that any such charges are merely accusations and the suspect or defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty at the time of trial or in a court of law.

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